August 23, 2014

리눅스에서 프린터 스풀 확인하는 방법

리눅스에서 프린터 스풀 확인하는 방법

[root@localhost ~]# ls /var/spool/cups/


[root@localhost ~]#

[root@localhost ~]# man lpq

lpq(1) Apple Inc. lpq(1)NAME

lpq - show printer queue statusSYNOPSIS

lpq [ -E ] [ -U username ] [ -h server[:port] ] [ -P destination[/instance] ] [ -a ] [ -l ] [ +interval ]DESCRIPTION

lpq shows the current print queue status on the named printer. Jobs queued on the default destination will be shown if no printer or

class is specified on the command-line. The +interval option allows you to continuously report the jobs in the queue until the queue is empty; the list of jobs is show once

every interval seconds.OPTIONS

lpq supports the following options: -E

Forces encryption when connecting to the server. -P destination[/instance]

Specifies an alternate printer or class name. -U username

Specifies an alternate username. -a

Reports jobs on all printers. -h server[:port]

Specifies an alternate server. -l

Requests a more verbose (long) reporting format.SEE ALSO

cancel(1), lp(1), lpr(1), lprm(1), lpstat(1),


Copyright 2007-2008 by Apple Inc.2 January 2008 Common UNIX Printing System lpq(1)

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